Your new city at your fingertips.

Moving to a new city can be stressfull.
We want to make it easier and more fun, creating a community of OUTCITIERS that will solve your doubts.
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We support you in the initial disorientation phase when you move.

From finding the right real estate agency to decide a good Wi-Fi provider, with a totally free App.


  • Reliable and organised information on the new city
  • Discounts on essential services
  • Events to meet new people
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City Guide

Save time searching for information

The information is divided into eight categories: Home, Transport, Utilities, Expenses, Libraries, University, Drinks, Emergencies.

You can trust the information

These are all suggestions from other students who have lived in that city that have been approved from us.


Save money

We know that students don't have many resources, so we offer discounts for services you need on a daily basis (such as transport and delivery).


As students want to get to know new people in the city, we suggest the must-attend events for young people, which will be a great opportunity to make friends.
Actively participate in the community

Organise get-togethers with other Outcitiers to meet new people in the city with the Create your own event feature (an aperitif, a climb or whatever you like).

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Are you going to move soon?

Ask Outcity for any doubts!

Frequently asked questions

How can I access the service?

You can download the app for free by clicking here.

Is there a charge for the service?

No, totally free.

In which cities is the service active?

The guide for the city of Milan is currently in the App, but more will be added soon.

What can I do if I have questions about other cities?

Click on “Ask Outcity” in the top right-hand corner and indicate the city you would like information on for your specific concerns: someone from the Outcity team will answer you.


Ask Outcity

If you need information on a city, write us which one and the specific doubts you have, so that some Outcitier who has already lived there can help you!